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What’s Happening to Tolly Ho?

What’s Happening at the ‘Ho?

While staff at the UK burger staple have recently reassured patrons that Tolly Ho is going nowhere, the cat is out of the bag on its upcoming relocation.

In May of 2011, Lexington’s legendary Tolly Ho moved to its new location on S. Broadway in the former Hart’s Dry Cleaning building, located diagonally across from The Lex, where it’s enjoyed a happy home ever since.

No one knew if it would maintain its popularity, relocating from its decades-long perch on UK’s campus (at S. Limestone since 1987). But the 24/7 crowds for breakfast, burgers, and shakes on Broadway have now held up for more than a decade, including surviving the pandemic. Fans are expected to follow them up the road to its next location.

In February, UK voted to buy the Broadway property, and Tolly Ho will relocate to the nearby former Bad Wolf Burgers location (Bad Wolf recently returned to its original home in Meadowthorpe).

The current menu is expected to remain intact at the new location (the Ho burger and 24/7 omelettes are in no danger.)


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