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New Tolly Ho opens: Same as it ever was

There’s a new Ho in town. 

The relocated Tolly Ho restaurant, now at 606 S. Broadway in the building that formerly housed Hart’s Dry Cleaning, opened its doors this morning just after 6 a.m. 
We went by to take a look around and see what is new and what is just like HOme. 
The feeling of the old Ho is right there. Same lightbox lettered menu. Same Greek sorority and fraternity paddles hanging. Same ordering system. Same great (and greasy) food. 
The new Ho looks just like the old Ho, but with less grime.
Donkey Kong is still there, never fear. 
There are many more parking spaces at the new location, which still will be open 24 hours from Sunday to Monday and around the week again. 
And regulars were finding the place and ordering their “usuals” by 10 a.m. The early shift on lunch, the late shift that still hadn’t slept or sobered up, the casually curious– all stopped by. 
Order takers said there would be some new elements: grits and oatmeal have both been added to the menu. Fresh customizable salads are on their way. And the Ho will use the same coffee but will use a fresh bean grinder to prep it. 
The beloved Ho Mart — a place to get late night candy, cigarettes, sundries, condoms and Ho t-shirts — is still there and boasts a neon sign. 
The Ho, which rightly bills itself as a UK tradition — continues the tradition starting today on South Broadway, diagonally across from The Lex and just north of the Reynolds Building. 


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