Joseph-Beth Booksellers unveils remodel

Joseph-Beth Booksellers unveils remodel

sign that says Joseph-Beth and a fireplace behind


That’s all that can be said after seeing the newly revamped Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington Green Mall. And this is only phase one.

Joseph-Beth: seating area with book displays
Photo by Austin Johnson/ACE Weekly

The focus for this remodel was to create a more community gathering feel and surround guests with books, gifts, and food.

The main theme during CEO and President Adam Miller’s speech during the ribbon cutting was one of heritage and paying homage to the the store that opened 33 years ago. “As you walk through the store today, you’ll see we paid respect to our heritage in our new brand direction. With the Bluegrass Green dark accents that we are so proud of. The aged brass that pays respect to the class and the sophistication of Lexington while adding in the bourbon brown wood floor and straw grass and sage colors that we think are so synonymous with the area.”

Joseph-Beth: three people cutting a large brown ribbon
Photo by Austin Johnson/ACE Weekly

Tables and chairs have been added in the little nooks next to the fiction platform for patrons to grab a snack at the Bronte Bistro and sit at a table to read or work.

Part of the thought process behind the layout of the remodel was to give opportunities for event rental space. Such events include book club meetings, wine tastings, or birthday parties.

“We want Joseph-Beth to be more of an experience than a store, where people can connect and belong,” said Miller. “We aren’t trying to reinvent bookstores. We want to redefine how you experience the bookstore.”

The local bookstore plans to remodel the remaining part of the upstairs with two more phases. They plan to create a more event friendly space in their fiction platform and turn the area that currently is Avant Travel into a more library feel.




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