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‘True Story’, NBC’s new series searching for stories from Kentucky

To all the Kentuckians who have an extraordinary, unbelievably true story to share; now is your chance.

NBC’s new comedy-driven television series, True Story, hosted by Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover) and Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat, Always Be My Maybe) is looking for everyday Americans to share one-of-a-kind true stories.

“This is not a show where we’re only looking for people from New York or even from Los Angeles,” says Nathan Baker, who is the casting director for City Media Entertainment, the company in charge of casting for the show.

“There are stories to be told from all parts of the country and that’s what we’re doing. We’re looking outside of the big cities for people from small towns, rural areas.”

True Story is based on great stories told by real people. Stories are then heightened and dramatized into re-enactments by a cast of comedians and actors. The hybrid series will feature six hour-long episodes with two stories per episode for a potential of 12 stories.

“Don’t overthink it either,” encourages Baker. “If you have a story that is funny, that you think is great and makes people laugh when you share it, we want to hear from you.”

It can be a holiday disaster story, horror stories from the office, or a story of a lie gone too far. One of Baker’s favorite tales hails from the original Australian version of the series, in which a woman shares her story of faking an illness to avoid turning in a work assignment only to have her appendix removed for nothing.

Casting has begun for True Story and NBC is looking for people to submit their story, or nominate someone to be on the show. Applications for casting will be available through September.

Filming for the storytelling portion will begin later this fall when the chosen storytellers fly to L.A to recount their stories to Helms and Park in a talk show type setting. Once that is done, a script will be written, actors will be hired, and producers will film the re-enactment. All filming should be done next year with the air date to be later determined.


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