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Reader Response: Lex’s Latest Dubious Distinction Recognition in "Preservation"

by Jenn Ryall

[in response to Ace’s Blog posting, announcing Lex’s newest distinction as one of the worst “Preservation” failures of 2008. See original post below.]

So many of my preservation co-workers and friends fought hard this year alongside the rest of the passionate and creative class of Lexington. It’s a discouraging thing when city officials value money over the overwhelming opinion of the residents they claim to speak for.

Lexington, in actuality, has a well-established pattern of trashing history but this was the blatant ripping out of its heart and was harder to ignore. What’s important is that a group who cared (and still cares!) about the vitality of Lexington’s downtown is forming and we’re beginning to recognize who we are.

What this group understands is that it’s not just Lexington’s history we’re fighting for. Bits of each of us were hauled away with the rubble whether we’re from Kentucky or not.
It’s good that we’re embarrassed by this “distinction,” and we’ll hope that the bad publicity generated discourages Lexington’s shadier set from trying such a dirty trick again.