Best Place to Meet Singles in Lex? Best of Lex?

Best Place to Meet Singles in Lex? Best of Lex?

“Best Place to Meet Singles in Lex” is a category in Ace Best of Lex Readers Poll every year (Readers will vote in August 2010).

Last year’s winner was Morris Book Shop, a vote which appeared to gain some traction with today’s “Missed Connections” feature on craigslist (sent to us by an alert reader).

The post reads: 

You were this amazing brunette at the CoOp on Southland Drive. You came in looking sexy, sultry, and ohmygod beautiful. Too bad you with some dude that barely held his own with you….Drop that dead weight.

You were wearing a sexy black summer dress, and had a nice pixie haircut- and a body that would make a Grecian statue envious.

When I left the CoOp, I took one more look and bit my tongue to keep from just going over and saying something…..

Having left there, I ran over to Morris’s bookshop, and perused the books, thinking about you, wishing I had made contact….

Then you walked into the book shop. I turned a few shades of red and tried to look busy with a book-

I am NOT the shy type, but you seemed preoccupied with a friend in the back section, and I was really not in any good position to say anything or even try to make eye contact. I took in your delicious presence and watched as you left with your girl friend. She drove off, and you sat outside and made a phone call. I was stuck with a friend who made getting a ‘fat’ moment hard to come by, so I did not do what I should have done- flirt, say hi, compliment you on your amazing beauty and see if there was any chemistry/biology happening there….

I went home thinking about you all day and I sit here wondering if…..a big IF….

Please email me and let me know I can have a second chance at serendipity…..”

So, who will be the big contenders this year? Ballots go on stands in August. Follow Ace Best of Lex on Twitter 

This goes out to those two crazy kids: