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Louisville’s Chef Edward Lee reigns supreme on Iron Chef America!

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Louisville chef Edward Lee, of 610 Magnolia, triumphed against Iron Chef Jose Garces in last night’s November 7 episode of the Food Network’s Iron Chef America, “Battle Tongue and Cheek,” what some have described as an “offal” challenge. (Though as Alton Brown explains, they’re classified as “offal,” because everything from the head is, “but they’re really just muscles.”)

Chef Lee and Chef Garces were both in Lexington in September for the James Beard Celebrity Chef Series, as part of the World Equestrian Games. Chef Lee was also part of the “Sunday Supper Series” at Lexington’s Incredible Food Show in October. His culinary approach is fresh/seasonal/local New American, and inspired by farm-to-table creativity.

In an interview this morning, Chef Lee says he “loved the secret ingredient,” because “it was actually a lot of ingredients,” (everything from duck tongue to halibut cheeks), “it wasn’t like Battle Cauliflower.” He also says that he had “some experience growing up Korean, eating tongue…knowing to get it tender is key.”

He and his team also brought tastes of Kentucky and southern regional ingredients to the menu — sorghum, grits, bourbon (which he served in an iced tea). They even brought along fresh corn from home, and his secret weapon: his mother-in-law’s handmade sauerkraut (which turned up in a soup, and on a tongue Reuben).

Asked about his favorite meal in the last year, coincidentally, it was a place in Montreal, Au Pied De Cochon, famous for its offal menu, though he had no way of knowing what his Iron Chef challenge would be. He describes it as “not the most refined menu, but definitely one of the most inspiring” he’s had in the last year. If he had to select a restaurant for his last meal (as Oxford American asked chefs to do earlier this year), he would select Town House (in Chilhowie Virginia).

On the topic of Kentucky chefs, he admits “as chefs, we don’t get the time to dine out very often. When we have time off, we just eat a pizza,” but he adds, “Ouita Michel… everything she does is so top notch. It’s great to have both that competitive spirit where we feed off of each other, and we help each other.” He also enjoyed a recent “chance to eat at the new Dudley’s,” and spoke glowingly of the food and the new setting.

Chef Lee concluded the  James Beard Celebrity Chef Series at the World Equestrian Games, and characterized the series as a “once in a lifetime opportunity to put the spotlight on Kentucky. How many chances does a city get for something like that… maybe the Olympics?” He says, “it was so much fun hosting these world-class chefs who were all so stoked to be here.” One of his favorite moments was the opportunity to take some of them to tour Kentucky’s distilleries.

After his Iron Chef victory last night, does he admit to any guilty pleasures in food shows? He watches Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations when he can, and describes it as “witty and smart.” He adds, “I love some of the competition shows,” and then laughs, “but some of the drama is overdone.”

Chef Lee will re-create elements of his Iron Chef menu at 610 Magnolia on Thursday, November 11. Reservations required. 502.636.0783. 

Chef Lee is the Chef/Proprietor at 610 Magnolia, along with business partner Brook Smith.

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