Woodford Reserve to teach Culinary Cocktails class; Ouita Michel to make the...

Woodford Reserve to teach Culinary Cocktails class; Ouita Michel to make the snacks

This July, Woodford Reserve Distillery is offering the first class in a new series on the art of making “culinary cocktails.”

Guests will begin with a tour to discover the five sources of flavor that makes bourbon authentic and unique.

Following the tour, a Mixologist will lead students through a seasonal Cocktail flavor wheel, designed to introduce the palate to flavors that go best with Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Guests will sample Woodford Reserve with gourmet mixing ingredients, and learn how to make their own Bitters, maraschino cherries, Woodford infusions, and other gourmet ingredients for their home bar.

This summer, the class will focus on fresh juices, fruits, and hot weather

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mixers, such as the Ginger Julep or the “Woodford Cup,” a bluegrass version of the famous Pim’s Cup.

Chef–in-Residence Ouita Michel and her culinary team will be presenting five new summer time hors d’ouvres designed especially for this culinary classroom-meets-cocktail party.

(You can take a peek inside Ouita Michel’s 1999 fridge in this archived  Ace cover story.)

The first class is July 21, 2012, 1 pm to 4 pm. Woodford Reserve Distillery; $50 per person plus tax. Reservations, 859. 879.1939


Cheers to National Bourbon Day!

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