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HGTV’s ‘Tiny House Hunters’ TV show to feature Lexington retailer, House

HGTVTinyHouseHuntersAre you a tiny house lover in Kentucky? Stay tuned. This past summer, the crew from HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters visited Kentucky and filmed an episode. The episode, which will air Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 10 p.m. takes place in Kentucky and features a staging and decoration of a tiny house by the folks behind the Lexington retail store House by JSD, located near Lexington’s burgeoning National Avenue corridor/ Warehouse Block.

HGTV worked with House by JSD this summer to bring their interior design skills to an 8′ x 20′ tiny house for a Christmas-themed episode called “Tiny Living in Kentucky.”

“When all was said and done, the producer told us that we had exceeded their expectations and was incredibly happy, and that the high ups would be ecstatic, and that we would be hearing from them again,” the House owners blogged.

The store, located on Walton Ave. was created in 2010 by Jeremy Rice, Dwayne Anderson and J. Stuart Hurt.

Advocates of the tiny house movement are drawn to a downsized real estate footprint for a variety of reasons — simplified living, environmental factors, or budget consciousness (although tiny houses often don’t come with tiny prices).  Tiny living is a movement, complete with books, blogs, podcasts, and television shows. “Tiny House Hunters” accompanies home seekers who review three new homes under 600 square feet before deciding which one best fits their needs and tastes.

Wednesday night’s episode follows a Kentucky pastor and his wife as they look for their new tiny home.

(Lexington tiny house fans have thus far butted up against building codes unfriendly to micro-living. Is it a trailer? Is it a structure? Is it a motor vehicle? )