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Sundays in September: Moveable Feast Lexington thrives on unique fundraisers

The corner of Fifth Street and Silver Maple Way may be home to Moveable Feast Lexington, but it’s through different homes in the area where the magic behind the non-profit begins.

On each Sunday of this month, Moveable Feast Lexington will sponsor a gathering throughout different, historic homes in Lexington to celebrate art, music and literature. Known as Sunday Salons, each event is styled by individual hosts who open their homes to a small group of people. The program includes food, drinks, and up close interactions with the arts and fine arts collections.

Since more than half of the Moveable Feast Lexington budget comes from private donations and fundraisers, the organization focuses their efforts on smaller, less costly fundraisers throughout the year. Events like the Sunday Salons and Empty Bowls raise money, as well as educate the community about the MFL mission.

During October of 1998, MFL began providing daily, free of charge meals to people living with HIV disease in Lexington. Eighteen years later and Moveable Feast Lexington continues to be a vital asset to the community, delivering over 400,000 hot meals around Fayette County.

What started as an organization focused on serving those with HIV related illnesses now caters to those who cannot easily access meals for themselves. MFL continues to serve people living with HIV disease, as well as Hospice of the Bluegrass patients and clients’ children. Services include meal preparation, meal delivery, and in-home HIV/AIDS screenings. Clients benefit from individual nutritional counseling, modified menus based on specific needs, and a daily visit from a caring volunteer.

In April 2014, MFL served 114.5 meals a day. While each meal totals less than $2 for food and packing, it costs up to $15,000 to make a month’s worth of meals. With only three employed staff members, Moveable Feast Lexington relies on volunteers and contributions from the community to raise funds.

September 11 is the first Salon. Arthur Shechet and Marilyn Robie will open their 1979 naturalistic home, with music by Warren Byrom, and a reading by Silas House. On view will be rare portfolio lithographs by Kiki Smith and a series of death head paintings by Lexington artist Patrick Smith.

After the Sunday Salon series, the annual Empty Bowls event is at Bourbon n’ Toulouse on October 15. Everyone who purchases a hand-crafted bowl from Kentucky Mudworks can receive an entree from Bourbon n’ Toulouse in the new bowl during the fundraiser.

It’s the mission of MFL to provide meal assistance and compassion to those who need it. Each handmade bowl serves as a reminder of all the empty bowls and hungry people Moveable Feast Lexington strives to serve every day.

Call Moveable Feast Lexington at 859.252-2867 for ticket info, prices, and reservations related to Sunday Salons in September. Attendance and space will be limited. All salons are 2:30 pm till 5:30 pm.

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