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Two Lexington Bookstores to Close

Wild Fig proprietors Crystal Wilkinson and Ronald Davis at the original Meadowthorpe location.

In Lexington bookstore news: Wild Fig Bookstore in Lexington and Rabbit House Books in Versailles are planning to close in late September. Wild Fig originally opened in Meadowthorpe in 2011, closed briefly, and then re-opened on N. Limestone as a bookstore and coffee shop. Erin Chandler is the author of Junebug vs. Hurricane, and opened Rabbit House Books last year. 


Wild Fig’s Long Great Run


Crystal Wilkinson, I heard some sad news today that The Wild Fig is closing, you had a great long run with that beautiful book store. I am sorry.

I am also closing Rabbit House Books & Notions at the end of September, after a reading with the Uber talented Claudia Love Mair. I have loved my one swift year as a bookstore owner, but until I can afford it as a hobby, like Albert Mason said today when I struggled to explain, “people aren’t buying books?”

Yeah… and I wasn’t in it for the money but for the love of the romantic idea of sharing words, old and new, from geniuses like my heroes, Jim Carol, Joan Didion, David Foster Wallace, Tennessee Williams, Sam Shepard… I have already packed up my favs and brought them home, but am going to try to enjoy this last month of having a space filled with books old and new, and not be bitter when someone once a day may wander in and browse the $5.00 – $25.00 masterpieces and say, “this is so sweet… love that it’s here!” …but then leave without something to take home and call their own, like I have never been able to do.

Erin Chandler reading her play, ‘Nervous Blood’ with Lucy Baker Cox.
Photo: Kopana Terry

But while you spread your word beautifully and widely, I will quietly work on my second book, Nervous Blood, and teach my incredible creative writing students from home and do my stints at the Carnegie Center teaching Playwrights, I do not grieve but feel relief and thankfulness that I experienced that trade.

An indiegogo was posted in early September, stating, “Current owners Ronald Davis and Crystal Wilkinson are selling the store as they pursue the next chapter in their artistic endeavors. In order to preserve this safe, sacred space, we are asking for help raising $25,000 to purchase the intellectual property rights and remaining inventory to turn it into a worker cooperative.”


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