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LEXPARK “Food for Fines” Holiday Program

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The Lexington Parking Authority announced today that its LEXPARK program will once again run the nationally recognized “Food for Fines” canned food drive from Monday, November 19 through Friday, December 14.

Customers who bring in 10 cans of food will receive $15 off any LEXPARK or Lexington Police parking citation. Customers with multiple citations may bring in as many cans as they wish and receive $15 credit for every set of 10 cans. Past due citations are eligible. The LEXPARK office is located at 122 North Broadway.

“Food for Fines continues to showcase what so many of us love about Lexington – the ability of our community to give back in a profound way. At its core, LEXPARK is a service to support the community, and we’re always excited to find new and creative ways to serve” said Parking Authority Chairman, James Frazier.

During the previous four years LEXPARK has collected 32,200 cans of food, over 16 tons in total. All canned food donations received by LEXPARK will be donated to God’s Pantry Food Bank. Canned vegetables which are at least 14-15 oz large and protein items such as canned meat, beans or peanut butter are suggested.

“God’s Pantry Food Bank is excited to partner with LEXPARK for the 5th consecutive
year,” said Michael Halligan, CEO. “The ‘Food for Fines’ promotion is a creative, impactful approach turning a parking citation into a more positive experience by helping provide food to some of the more than 48,000 residents at risk of hunger in the Fayette County.”

The goal of the Parking Authority, which was created by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council in 2006, is to provide, maintain and operate adequate, high-quality, customer-focused public parking and encourage economic growth.

* Expired, damaged or opened food donations will not be accepted. Please be considerate when selecting donated items. LEXPARK reserves the right to revoke a customer’s participation in this program at any time. *



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