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Guidelines for Ace Palindrome Project 2019

At 9:19 am and at 9:19 pm on 9.19.19, we invite Ace readers to stop what they’re doing, for one moment, and take a picture.  This is a continuation of a recurring Lexington photo series called the Ace Eleven Project. 

In 2011 (11.11.11) and the sequels, 12.12.12, and 11.12.13, hundreds of photos were submitted and shared via social media, from pros and amateurs alike, each presenting a unique portrait of Lexington, both individually and in the aggregate. Technology has come a long way since 2011.Ace_Eleven_Project_LexKY

This past Tuesday, 9.10.19 marked the beginning of Palindrome Week. What’s a palindrome: a word, number, or phrase that can be read the same, forwards and backwards (e.g., mom, pop, madam). Palindrome Week is a rare consecutive ten days when each date can be read the same backward and forward (9.10.19, 9.11.19. 9.12.19, through 9.19). The next Palindrome Week won’t happen until 2021.

To celebrate the last Palindrome Week of the decade, we are repeating this recurring Ace photo project at 9:19 (am and pm), on Thursday, 9.19.19.

So, set your phone alarms now. At 9:19 on 9.19.19, point and shoot. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing — sitting in traffic, walking the dog, checking out your favorite local spot— send us that image. Be creative. Capture your unique view of Lexington, Kentucky and share it with us. Include as much, or as little, of the backstory as you’d like.

Here are the guidelines:

On Thursday, 9.19.19 at 9:19 am and/or pm, take a photo and post it on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, tag @aceweekly and use the hashtag #AceNineteen, and/or #AcePalindrome.

If you choose to participate, you’ll be entered in a random drawing for a Yeti cooler. Each channel is an entry. (If you post your 9:19 am photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that counts as three entries, and same for your 9:19 pm photo  — up to six entries are possible).

Submission includes permission for Ace to watermark your photo, share it online and in print, until the end of time. We’ll post the photos as they arrive in Ace galleries on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and a sampling may be included in the next print edition.

The Ace Eleven Project was inspired by the Lexicon Project, the late great not-for-profit photo collective. They first asked Lexington to do this at 6 pm on July 6, 2005 — stop, take a picture — and capture a moment in Lexington. Take one beat; think about where you are and what you are doing; and share it with the rest of the city. They pulled this off a full two years before the iPhone was released, in June of 2007.

For examples of past submissions, check out the 11.12.13 album, the third year of Ace’s Lexington crowdsourced photo project. We’ll be posting pics on all of our social media channels throughout Palindrome Week, matching the time, day, and date (for example, on Friday the 13th, we’ll aim our cameras at 9:13 am and 9:13 pm on 9.13.19).

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