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REVIEW: Fast-Casual Biscuit Date pre-Keeneland

“Basic” An Ace Reader’s Dining Review
by Michael Jansen Miller

This is what they call Basic Biscuit. It’s “basically” a McDonald’s Bacon Egg & Cheese that went to an Ivy League school after Mommy bribed the Admissions Board. Which, I suppose, is why it’s just shy of $9. They serve it with a steak knife for inexplicable reasons.I mean, this location is in a really good neighborhood. 
The counter girl, who may or may not have lost her job at Chick-fil-A when she may or may not have forgotten to take off her Pride nose ring before her shift, offered me the berry jam on the side, which now that I think about it must have been an upsell because my check was $13. Whatever it costs, get some. If they had given out little packets of this jam at vaccination sites, Covid would have been over when Kamala Harris was still in the Senate. 
The young couple next to me were obviously on their first date and obviously on their way to Keeneland. Chadwick had a Bloody Mary and Willicent did not. I don’t think she was quite expecting a biscuit fast- casual start to her day at the races. He’ll be drunk by the post of the third race and she’ll excuse herself to visit the ladies room and call herself an Uber, texting, “You didn’t tell me Chad was so BASIC,” to her cousin Ruth, who might or might not work the late shift at Sidebar, and definitely introduced them at Harper’s wedding reception.

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