Disco Kroger: An Etymology

Disco Kroger: An Etymology

Disco Kroger is the Kroger on Euclid.

As Legend has it (meaning it might or might not be true), it was the first Kroger in town to be open 24 hours, circa 1970’s, making it an after-hours mecca for Cruising when bars like the Bungalow closed for the night. Hence: Disco Kroger. That’s the story, as told to us.

We remember writing about other local mainstays like Umbrella Guy – and we got dozens of stories from the readers – some contradictory (his predilection for Ramen noodles which he supposedly bought in bulk from Disco Kroger; his theoretical skin condition; his alleged foreign travel, accounting for his prolonged disappearances from Lex streets).

Then there was Shouting, Pointing Guy (the one without the shirt, who looked a little like Pauly Shore… as opposed to the one with the shirt?)

We look forward to re-visiting more “Where are they now?” stories for our 20th anniversary in 09. Disco Kroger will probably figure into a few of them.