Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon

Run The Bluegrass Half Marathon

Run the Bluegrass, Post 1 (of a series)


I know you’re used to me talking about UK sports, mostly basketball at the moment as I’m on the verge of a “If you can’t say something nice…” stance on UK football — but as much as I love UK sports, they aren’t something I’m actually able to take part in (although I couldn’t possibly play worse than some of the guys against Alabama, could I?) The sport I do take part in is running. It has taken me awhile to transition from a guy who runs to a runner,(a transition I’ll explain at a later date) but over the past couple of years I have found it is something that brings a lot of joy into my life. Yes, running outside in rain, sleet, snow at all kinds of various temperatures is…..a blast. It really is.

So, as a runner I was geared up for the Run The Bluegrass Half-Marathon that was going to take place at the Kentucky Horse Park on April 3rd. I ran last year’s race and was pretty proud of my time (1:55.14) and had already begun training for this year’s race. That’s when the bad news came via Twitter. Race canceled. Crap.

I was upset not because I wouldn’t be able to run a HM; there are plenty of quality HM races in nearby cities. I was upset because Lexington’s race had been canceled. Lexington has always sat on the edge between City and Town. We have so many qualities of both and that’s part of what makes us unique. Our races, such as the MidSummer Night’s Run, are incredible community events, part of our town, while a HM had a chance to be part of our city. Run The Bluegrass is the type of race that people travel to compete in, and to lose it meant, in my eyes, a step back from where Lexington should be headed. We could host the World Equestrian Games and accommodate visitors from all over the world, but we couldn’t hold on to a half-marathon?

And then, like Stefano DiMera from Days of Our Lives, Run The Bluegrass rose from the dead, with the help of LeXenomics, and now we are a mere 72 days away from the race. That’s where I come in. Starting today I am the “Official RunTheBluegrass Blogger at Ace Weekly.” What I plan on doing is providing some updates on my personal training, reflections on running, information about the race, ways for you all to be involved, and maybe even seek some motivation from you guys.
So if you want to run (and you do, trust me you do) then simply go to and register. The early registration fee is $50 and will stay that low until January 31st. Follow the race on Twitter at @RunTheBluegrass, me on Twitter at @KevinWFaris and like the race on Facebook. Together, we can make this one of the premier events in Central Kentucky. Now, I have to help my wife clean the bathroom and still fit in a 2 mile easy run. Run your race, Kentucky!


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