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Town Branch Commons Trail Opens

The Town Branch Commons Trail officially opened with a ribbon cutting at the MET (Midland at East Third) in October. Mayor Linda Gorton was joined by Governor Andy Beshear, Congressman Andy Barr, former Lexington Mayor and current Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Jim Gray, and SCAPE landscape architect Kate Orff in celebrating the 10 years of work that has gone into the Town Branch Commons Trail process

Mayor Gorton described the 2.2 mile trail “as a path to economic vitality, healthy living, and to our beautiful Bluegrass countryside. It features lush stormwater landscaping using native grasses, flowers and trees, with a modern interpretation of Lexington’s dry-stacked limestone fences.”

Town Branch Commons Project Manager Mike Sewell and the Gresham Smith Kentucky design team attended the ceremony. Sewell said, “It is an incredible feeling to see this project come to fruition.”

Sewell told Ace in the 2020 New Year’s issue, “Construction will kick-off for the Town Branch Commons project in January 2020.” He said at the time, “Our design team has tried to be as thoughtful as possible about how the construction project will roll-out to minimize negative impacts to daily commuters and businesses, but as with any project inside the right-of-way, there will still be phases of construction that will no doubt be frustrating. These temporary frustrations during construction though will yield an amazing project that will help to transform Lexington.”

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