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Good Dog: Little dog leaves big legacy

by Anita Britton

In March of 2010, I learned about a puppy at Lexington Humane Society that had been run over by a car on Versailles Road at Angliana. His photo was very sad and he was swaddled in bandages at his hind quarters. I called the shelter and told them he was mine. DO NOT let anyone else have him. That’s my dog.

As hard as they fought to keep him alive the day he was injured, Dr. Liz Ubelhor, Lauren and all the good people at LHS were in for a tough ride the next couple of months. Episodes of pneumonia, Frank’s blood transfusions, and Lauren’s sleepless nights attended him. Finally, the first week of May, I got to take him home. I will never forget the heroic efforts of Dr. Mindy Johnson who tried to get him to heal and walk but we finally had to come to grips that a different approach was necessary. Three opinions were sought, one of which was to put him down, before we were led to Dr. Aric Applewhite at Metro Veterinary Hospital. He thought he could fix him. To the extent he could be fixed, he did just that.

The next many months were marked by physical therapy, and praying for milestones. One of my favorites was the night he jumped up on the ottoman in our bedroom for the very first time. We were getting ready for a black-tie event when we both looked at each other and started changing clothes. A pizza and wings to celebrate his amazing self was in order.

Teddy lived with Anita Britton and Stuart Bennett for nearly 14 years. Anita and Stuart are longtime supporters of the Lexington Humane Society.

Over the ensuing almost 14 years, he gave his adoptive parents so much love. He inspired me to make a life-changing move. He made room on the couch for Sophie and Buddy and Sunshine. In his final hours, each of them in turn joined him there to warm and comfort him.

Teddy is survived by his siblings and his broken-hearted parents. Letting him go is so very hard. I am comforted in knowing that for the first time since he was five months old, his body is healed, he has no more pain, and he will never, ever, be cold again.

Teddy lived with Anita Britton and Stuart Bennett for nearly 14 years. Anita and Stuart are longtime supporters of the Lexington Humane Society. 


LHS Remembers Teddy 

Sweet Teddy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Many of you have heard the story of Teddy, a young, frail pup living on the streets, just trying to survive the best way he could. Sadly, while running from kids tossing rocks at him, Teddy was hit by a car. His entire backend was shattered. He could not walk, move, or stand. Teddy was alone, traumatized, and in pain.

Fortunately, Teddy was brought to Lexington Humane Society where we provide security, care, and love. We also provide top notch care for sick and injured animals. Teddy received all of the loving care we had, plus all the skill our medical team had and more.

Our staff veterinarian of 15 years, Dr. Liz Ubelhor, along with her tenured medical team, performed surgery after surgery, piecing Teddy back together one step at a time. There were days we celebrated his improvement and many days we cried over his setbacks, and some days we just didn’t know if he was still up for the fight. Thanks to his dedicated foster mom, Lauren Ward, who endured all of the challenges and setbacks with him, Teddy survived.

Lauren, Liz, and the staff of LHS did not give up on Teddy. They knew he had a long road to recovery, and they were committed to completing his journey. But someone else was committed to Teddy.

Before she ever met Teddy face-to-face, Anita Britton, a longtime generous supporter of LHS, called and said, “Teddy is my dog. I don’t care what he needs, how much it costs, how long it takes, he is my dog.”

Teddy went home with Anita who continued his care which involved specialists, elevated treatment regimens, and more surgeries. But, Teddy was home. He was with his person so the journey to recovery was no longer a challenge. His pain could be managed, his mobility was restored, and he was LOVED…loved for 14 beautiful years.

Teddy’s story was shared over and over again because he was such an inspiration. His fight and determination led him to a better life, the best life. A life we wish for all companion animals.

Teddy’s life started lonely and scary. His life ended peacefully, in the arms of his person, feeling nothing but loved.

That’s our goal at LHS — for every animal to experience love. They count on us so much. Please, celebrate Teddy and all the animals who know love, thanks to LHS. Donate now.

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